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    We produce the best EM test equipments for you.

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    Compact Antenna Test Range

    We provide well-known blended roll-edged compact range reflectors with superior performance. Minimum 50% quiet zone efficiency. The reflector size starts from 40cm to 900cm. Closed-box-reflector body design and fine polishing technique make extremely stable and precise reflector for operating up to 300GHz. Customized design to meet frequency range, spill over, X-pol level ... etc.

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    Spherical Near Field AMS

    High precision Spherical NF for all kind of antenna testing, especially for base station antenna and antenna mounted on the large platform, like automotive antenna.

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    Chip Antenna Measurement System

    WavePro has delivered over 4 chip antenna measurement system in different countries. Well design low interaction test fixture and stabilized probe station make a good pattern test.

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    Superior Anechoic Chamber

    Breaking thru Innovative design. Replacement of taper chamber for low frequency and ultra-broadband application.

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    Automotive Antenna Test Range

    VHF and UHF spherical nearfield AMS for Automotive Antenna radiation characterization.

  • Distributed Products

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    Fastest 3D FDTD EM Solver

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    Fast SAR Measurement System

    Fast switching vertor probe array for accurate measuring the SAR value of mobile devices and wireless devices.

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    Your best solution for EM Testing



    Over 30 years experience of EM test range technology. Keep developing better modules for the needs of current EM test range. Test range design service is provided.





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