• Chip Antenna Measurement System











  • Chip Antenna Measurement System

    mmWave communication and applications are emerging and chip antennas are the connectors over-the-air. During the development, the testing of these chip antennas are required but much more difficult than the conventional connectorized antenna.


    In the chip antenna measurement, the interaction of fixture and probe are key interfering factors. Careful treatment and processing will improve the system performance and test results.

    WavePro is proud of delivering 3 successful systems in the world and the fourth system of version-3 will be delivered in 2018Q1. Please contact us to discuss your requirement, we could design the system for you with our 30 years EM system engineering experience.


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    A custom design fixed anti-vibration probe stage and spherical scanning field probing system.

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    A measured 60 GHz DD Chip antenna pattern.