Innovative Superior Quality

    Ultra-broadband Anechoic Chamber











    Superior Quality

    Anechoic Chamber












  • Superior Ultra-broadband Anechoic Chamber

    Breakthru invention design concept from the convention rectangular anechoic chamber.

    Replacement of taper chamber for low-frequency EM test.


    The measurement of antenna radiations inside an anechoic chamber has been challenging at low frequencies because of the limited size and extremely large wavelengths. An innovative design of anechoic chamber has been developed, which has been found to provide a good electromagnetic (EM) performance in the test zone at the frequency range as low as 300 MHz. It was found that in comparison with the conventional designs, which may need either a long taper chamber or a large size rectangular chamber, such as 12m * 5m * 5m, the proposed design may potentially cut the size in half and retain the uniformity of field distribution within the test zone and even better.



  • Patented Ultra Low Frequency Anechoic Chamber

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    Ultra Wideband Superior Quiet Zone

    1. Uniform field  with almost no taper
    2. Well controlled the scattering of stray signals. Very low ripple even down to low frequency.
    3. Good quiet zone @ 400MHz even lower to 300 MHz  achieved in a 7 meters normal rectangular anechoic chamber.